Faith Baptist Church of Angola, Indiana


From the very beginning years of Faith Baptist Church, we have had the joy of supporting missionaries with our prayers and financial giving. In November 2002 for five special days during our first Faith Promise Missionary Conference, Dr. John Halsey challenged Faith Baptist Church toward greater giving to missions through faith promise. Each year since we have had the joy of hosting a special speaker and missionaries for our Faith Promise Missionary Conference, held each year in the fall. God has continued to abundantly bless Faith Baptist in our giving to missions, and we presently support 37 missionaries and 6 soul winning/ discipleship outreaches:

  1. Tigran Agamalian Family – Russia
  2. Dave and Glenda Carter – Japan
  3. Paul and Miriam Coblentz – ministry to the Amish
  4. Dr. and Mrs. Pat Creed – BIMI Caribbean International Representative
  5. David and Marcia Darlin – Hong Kong
  6. Mike and Annie Dombrosky – Dominican Republic
  7. Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Godfrey – BIMI Executive Director
  8. John and Brenda Gossett – Trinidad
  9. John and Melissa Gray – Papua, New Guinea
  10. Jeff Gross – Thailand
  11. Michael Helton Family – Spain
  12. Tony Henderson Family – Bolivia
  13. Rev. Wallace Higgins – Church Planting in West/NorthWest
  14. Polly Irvin – Ukraine
  15. Erik Johnson Family – Dominican Republic
  16. Dr. Tom Johnson Family – Cambodia
  17. Jason Kenney Family – Chile
  18. Steve and Debbie Kissling – U.S. Military in Japan
  19. Scott Kuzel Family – South Africa
  20. Rey Martinez Family – Native Americans
  21. Don McIlvain Family – Church-Planting in Montana
  22. Joshua Mead Family – Senegal
  23. Garth and Lynette Piper – New Zealand
  24. Dr. and Mrs. James Ray – BIMI International Representative
  25. Terry Sharp – Canary Island
  26. Don Sixt Family – Scandinavia
  27. Dr. and Mrs. Jack Sorg – Medical Missions
  28. Don Thatcher Family – Ireland
  29. Mike and Mary Wallace – Mexico City
  30. Jerry Wilhite Family – South Africa/Australia
  31. and seven other missionaries to Restricted Access Nations
  32. Ambassadors for Christ National Ministries
  33. Baptist International Missions, Inc., home office
  34. Bearing Precious Seed Canada
  35. Bible Broadcasting Network
  36. Hephzibah House
  37. Institute for Creation Research